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I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for having good quality buds @ a great price. I can't say thanks enough, so glad I discovered you all and will be forever a Root & Bloom customer.

Talking Joints Memo

This stuff is canna caviar... We’re big on feel and texture around here, and even at room temperature, Root & Bloom’s Ghost Dawg indica live resin is the rare sugary extract that keeps whatever form you mold it into and miraculously repels glass and metal pokers alike.


Root & Bloom is currently on my top shelf for MA.


About Us

As a locally-owned and operated cannabis company in Massachusetts, we pride ourselves on cultivating hand-trimmed, terpene-rich flower and concentrates that promises unparalleled quality.

We’re not just another cannabis brand; we’re your neighbors, deeply rooted in the community, and committed to delivering only the finest products to those we serve.


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    Gelato Punch Trichomes
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